Bridging the gap between China and the UK

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We provide education services:

  1. Mandarin classes
  2. Educational and career advice, professional development
  3. Experience China day
  4. Immersion Chinese language and culture programs

We provide training, including Wellbeing, Taichi, Yoga, etc.

We provide Chinese Days in Schools 10 FREE each year

Language & culture

There are 4 cultural events run by CEDP Chinese Centre a year:

  1. Dragon Boat Festival
  2. Moon Festival
  3. Chinese New Year
  4. Brighton Festival

We run cultural awareness training & projects:

  1. Shandong culture and tourism project
  2. Sichuan culture and tourism project
  3. Chinese Arts exhibition for young people and children


We have

  • Annual China / UK Business forum and panel discussion
  • Office spaces for young people to try their creative start-up projects
  • Business advice for 1-2-1 services or ongoing business workshops

Our events and projects

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